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ALPEKER was born in 2012, following the mission of preserving and enhancing typical artisanal gastronomic specialities of South Tyrol. In its evolution, we have expanded ALPEKER’s brand line with products from other regions, always maintaining the same philosophy: to offer artisanal, typical and high-quality specialities. Our aim was and is to develop a sustainable growth model, sourcing only high-quality ingredients and relying on local resources. Our vision of the future is to be an innovating firm in the frozen sector, proposing logistical and production solutions that increase value in the whole supply chain. Innovation, research and accurate selection are the 3 main ingredients in our recipe for success.


Innovation and consumer demands are met through our new brand: ALPEKER NATUR. In this line you will find an array of high-quality products characterized by being easy to prepare while also focusing on environmental sustainability and animal welfare. A win-win solution!


Practical: all our products are ready-to-eat or easy to prepare in a few minutes in the oven, on the stove or in the microwave. Carefully selected: we research unique dishes and develop personalized recipes. Quick: we focus on making our products available also for customers with a busy schedule. This means they are easy and fast to prepare. Ecological: frozen food is particularly good to reduce food waste and our product are already divided into balanced portions.