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Alpeker Nature offers the classic chicken cutlet with a delicious ham and cheese filling.
Easy and quick to prepare, for a crispy and tasty main dish. Serve along a side of fries, salad or veggies.

Our chickens are raised following the KIKOK standards and are therefore free from antibiotics: the chickens come from breeding facilities where the use of antibiotics is forbidden from birth to transformation.
In their whole lifecycle, they never get in contact with antibiotics and anticoccidials, and are raised “free run” and fed following a 100% plant based (50% corn, 20% wheat, 30% soybeans), GMO free diet.
A careful and selective sourcing and transformation process is what gives our product its unique and unmistakable flavour.
The power of frozen allows you to experience products look and taste almost like handmade ones, but with the added plus of making a mindful consumption choice.

Nutrition information typical values per 100g portion (110 g) RI* for 100 g
Energy 1057 kJ/ 253 kcal 1.163 kJ/ 278 kcal 13%
Fat 13,5 g 15 g 19%
of which saturates 2,9 g 3 g 15%
Carbohydrate 13,7 g 15 g 5%
of which sugars 0,3 g 0 g 0%
Protein 17,7 g 19 g 35%
Salt 1,1 g 1 g 18%
Ready in about 9 min.

Frozen Cordon Bleu, pre-fried, ready to cook.
Domestic storage conditions: 

* compartment (-6°C): 4 days
** compartment (-12°C): 14 weeks
*** freezer (-18°C): see date of minimum durability.